Words, Words, Words

Dear Friends,

In the end, the Democrats funded the war in Iraq. Without any meaningful limitation. After all the words, words, words, there was the act. We are given the illusion of opposition, and the reality of complicity…and culpability. Which to believe? Dems can claim to have voted against the war in Iraq, while still having funded it. Hmm. Let me think…

I admit, I allowed myself to hope, back in November, 2006. How refreshing to embrace hopelessness once more! But not in despair, no. This hopelessness is the embrace of reality; harsh, yes, and terrifying and brutal. But real, and horribly beautiful. Hope addicts us to passivity, a complacent acceptance of the status quo, and the comforting but erroneous notion that our mere demur absolves us of responsibility. Hopelessness is the antidote to the fantasy that politics will ever change without
our personal involvement.

The Democratic cavalry will not come charging over the hill to rescue us. They are enraptured by dreams of re-election, of power. The DLC will not abandon the hubris of empire. Au contraire!

And after all the words, words, words of criticism and condemnation, the smug Dems believe we will still vote for them, because they have played their cards well, and they are the only game in town. They keep throwing good lives into the devouring maw of violence. How many more?

Here’s more from David Korn:
The Dems’ Self-Defeat on the Iraq War Vote

A majority of Americans are opposed to the war in Iraq. An overwhelming majority of Democrats are opposed to the war in Iraq. And yet, the Democrats vote to fund it. How can they stray so far from their base? How can they defy the manifest wishes of their constituents with such impunity? It’s because they are secure in the belief that voters have nowhere else to turn, that the hegemony of the two-party system remains unassailable. If we want to stop this war, and prevent the next one, it’s
imperative that we challenge that assumption. Yes, that requires courage and audacity! But what have we got to lose? I’m sending Nancy Pelosi this note, and including a copy of my re-registration to drive the point home. Join me!

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